Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday favourites

It feels like its been an enormous week.  Hence no posts since Monday.  I'll try to capture it here along with some Friday faves.

Number one: basics.  On Monday I bought two very basic work shirts from Target for $11 each.  Perfect for those 'OMG I just can't make this work today' days....we all have them!
Number two: going for a jog along the river at lunch time.  I did this with Sis this week.  We needed to coordinate more as we both wore black shorts and green shirts, and that looks weird, but it was a great stress burner.
Number three: pretending I don't care that I'm not fiscally responsible and buying my first pair of Mollini's.
Number four: Thursday night shopping and dinner with the girls.  K, Sis and I had a great time, and the changing room has never been so much fun.  We even roped every other girl in to giggle and compare finds!  It was brilliant.  I did put a divine dress/suit on layby.  Its on layby because I never pay full price, but when I do, I must budget, and layby.
Number five: Knowing that the fun doesn't stop on Friday, because I have my work Christmas party tomorrow night.
More photos next week.  I promise!!

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