Friday, October 29, 2010


Its finally Friday!  I can't wait for the weekend and hope the sunshine holds out.  Lunch break today involved picnicking in the park with the girls (very brave in white pants), and a quick run to the movie store for some old schlocky horror films for Halloween.   Hopefully, drinks this afternoon will make the week just melt away!
White linen pants, Hot Options, Target
Black lace top, Basque, Myer
Plum cami, David Lawrence
Mr Man bought me these white linen pants a few weeks ago.  I feel very lucky because he rarely goes shopping, unless its my birthday, which it wasn't!
Silver cross, a gift many years ago
 I was given this cross as a present when I was a teenager, and still love it.  Its been a long time since I've worn it so it was nice to bust it out again!
Silver studs, Prouds
I bought these studs with my Dad when we were Chrissy shopping for Mum.  I love how simple they are, and the chunky shape.
Wrap bracelet, Jeans West
My sister and I both bought one of these last summer, and its taken me ages to work out how to wear it, but I think it ties in nicely with the outfit (pun intended!).

Friday favourites

Number one: Dressing up my work area for Halloween.  Us Aussies have never really gotten into this one, but this year has been much more full on, and as a long time fan of Disney's Ichabod Crane, I gotta admit I love it!
 Number two: My new fringe, of course!
Number three: Impromptu shopping trips with the girls, even when I've made a point of trying not too!
Number four: Unassuming accessories.  I picked these tiny star studs up with my Dad Christmas shopping for my Mum last year.  There so easy to wear and I've worn them a couple of times this week.  I do need to remember not to sleep in them as they can be a little poky!!
Number five: Girls who manage to take photos for their blogs using a self timer and a tripod (or in my case, precariously perching their camera in random places).  Much in awe, because my photos look extremely amateur hour, and theirs are so polished!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Today, after a weak attempt at a the gym I went shopping (again!) with the girls.   It was a lot of fun, given that we're all different sizes, with different tastes and budgets.  The lovely A picked up the cutest Cue dress I've seen in a while, and I absolutely adored a David Lawrence shirt dress, but even on sale it was out of my budget.  I did buy two little summer dresses from SES which was a much much more economical option!  One is the same as K bought, and the other my sis bought one too, so will need to liaise with them about who wears what and when!
Keep an eye out for outfit posts they'll be coming soon.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Nearly two years ago a girlfriend had a sleepover at my house and cooked zucchini (courgette) slice for us for dinner.  I've never forgotten how good it was, and often hung my noise over hers when she brings it in for lunch.  Last night I had a crack at it myself, but Mr Man needed some meat added to the mix, so some sliced chorizo and shredded BBQ chicken got thrown in.

Blurry, but tasty fried chorizo

Mr Man got stuck in before I could
photograph the final product

A tasty mix of tasty goodness!
You can check out the receipe here: and to make it like mine, just add some chorizo and shredded BBQ chook!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


In an attempt to minimise the amount of random stuff I carry around all day, I've downgraded to a clutch today.  It also means the majority of my store loyalty cards are missing to help minimise the chance of an impromtu shopping trip!
Equip clutch
This one I bought to use as a bridesmaid at my twin sisters wedding and I love it.  I even threw on the same pair of shoes (gold, leather, wittner heels) as a nod to the awesomeness of that day.
Equip clutch, Witchery tee,
Target skirt, Wittner shoes, Diva cuff
And after a firedrill in my building at work, and walking down 19 flights of stairs, I decided this tasty tasty bagel treat was well and truly earned.  Thanks K for a lovely lunch treat!

On the road again

Sis and I spent the weekend roadtripping up the coast to our folks place for some R&R.   Feet on the dashboard, tunes on the stereo, no hubbys, partners, commitments or schedules and it was great.  Mum booked me in to her hairdresser and I finally got the fringe I was looking for the weekend before, but my selfsatisfying hairdresser never gave me.  I love mums hairdresser, and from now on, will be roadtripping each time it needs tidying up.  Who would have thought hairdressers are better in small towns than the big smoke?  But there you have it, its true!

The weekend did of course culminate in a last minute shopping trip (my last for a few weeks, my purse can't take anymore!) which meant a few new pieces for the wardrobe, and a new work wardrobe for my sis.  Loving the collar on this blouse, very girlie for work.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday favourites

Its my second Friday favourites post!  Hooray!

Number one:  My brand new Stellar trench coat.  Fantastic bargain buy, and lightweight enough for spring.  Love it!

Number two:  Studs.  On dresses, shoes, accessories, anywhere.  I've wore two different dresses this week featuring stud embellishments, and my studded sandals.  Love them!
Number three:  Sunshine.  Its been a long time coming to Brisbane, and I don't want to work, I just want to bask in it all day!!
Number four:  Having a cobbler I can rely on when shoe related incidents occur.  Panic and distress are minimized!
Number five:  When concert tickets arrive in the post.
Number six:  Dressing up for a cause! 
Have a lovely weekend, I'm off on a girlie road trip with my sis!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday blues

Greenpeace held a protest in the city today and we watched as the police spent hours trying to negotiate an end to the proceedings.  It made me stop and think about what things I'm prepared to protest for, and given how many answers there are I'm not going to complain.
Dress Target, Cuff Diva
 Lunch time took me on a fast paced shopping expedition with A and my sis for A's big date tonight.  We found some great things both on and off sale, but I had to dash off halfway through to make meetings at work.
Earrings, Equip
I went with something very easy to wear, to keep it simple and easy given the very busy day I've had!

Wednesday wipeout

Wednesday, honestly started well, but ended badly....My lunchtime shoe shopping expedition with a girlfriend was rained out, my sole peeled off my beautiful Fiorelli shoes, I caught the wrong train home (and express!) and had to sit around a scary outer-burbs station to wait for a train to get back again.

Dress, Target
I'm taking comfort in the fact that I wore a dress I love,  
 I have a wonderful cobbler who should be able to fix my shoes,
Earrings, Diva
 it's now Thursday, and the sun is maybe its not all bad?
 Forgive my photos, I'm still learning!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Made in Dagenham

Last night I went to a preview viewing of Made in Dagenham with my sister, and we had a great time with Great 60s fashion, a plot with some power and a few very poignant moments.
Sadly, and perhaps shallowly, it has definitely encouraged me to break out the fake eyelashes and liquid eyeliner!
When it hits a cinema near you, take your girls and check it out!

Made in Dagenham

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Terrific Tuesday

Today seems to be a pretty good day.  The sun is (still) shining, Brisbane looks fantastic, and perhaps, maybe Spring is actually here to stay!

In order to soak up the rays to maximum lunch hour potential, I roped in a friend to go for a walk along our riverside boardwalk, photo of our sunny fun below.

How are you making the most of a perfect Tuesday?  Let me know!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday mayhem

So what things get to you about Mondays?

This Monday has been a bit hit and miss for me, running late for the train, for work, trying to blowdry without a fringe when I'd been convinced Saturday's haircut would provide one, meetings, timeframes, deadlines!

Still, Brisbane is having a second lovely day, and I'm determined to enjoy it!  Rain is due back (again) tomorrow, so I'm wearing an Ann Taylor summer skirt, and black Witchery top to make the most of it!
Best I could do is a dodgy sketch though, so enjoy!

Sunny Sunday

It's been a long wait in Brisbane for a day without rain or gale force winds, but Sunday provided just that.  Wide blue skies and sunshine prevailed.  Laundry was the order of the day, but Mr Man and I managed to sneak in a Sunday afternoon nap, basking in the golden light sneaking through the blinds in our bedroom.  Throw in our pizza and gelato pick up for dinner and it was a perfect day.

I've been very remiss with photos I know, stay tuned, more to come!

Big 3.0

Saturday was my mans big 30th birthday, and his best mate and I had organized a last minute surprise party with his family and friends.  I booked out a space at a tavern near our home,  and some platters of finger food to keep the party-goers fed.  It was the first time we hadn't had a party at home, and I much preferred it.  No last minute housecleaning, noone tracking through the house, and apart from Mr Mans hangover, no clean up either!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Watch it!

Today I went shopping with my sis to pick out a watch for my man's big 30th birthday. 

Given that it's also casual Friday at work I picked something functional, but smart to wear.  Jeans are the order of the day when busting out a frenzied lunchbreak lap of the mall, and I love these ones that I borrowed from my sister at the beginning of the Australian winter and have never returned.  They're super comfortable, the right length, and a great colour.

Both tops are from Target, on sale and cost very little.  My long beads are from Big W (yes bargain basement) but I do get compliments every time I wear them.

Say goodbye to that long straight hair though, tomorrow it gets shaped up!

Friday favourites

Fridays are a great chance to look back at the week that's been, and pick out some favourites to share!

Number one: my lovely Leona boots. Are they really mine? Yes. Yes they are.

Number two: Disneys Beauty and the Beast was released on DVD and blu ray on Wednesday. Purchased, watched, adored!

Number three: on her run through Munich duty free, my sister picked up MAC Bad Fairy nail lacquer. I'm in love.

Number four: chunky hazelnut chocolate. Every girls best friend!

Tomorrow, I get my hair cut....Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Welcome to my first ever post!

I've been thinking hard about what to tell you, and in desperation reverted to my sister, who advised me to tell you:

Something about who you are and why you've developed a love of putting together the perfect outfit, for the perfect price? And then maybe an example of a recent awesome buy? Oh, and a list of the blogs that have
inspired you to start your own.

So.  Who I am?  I'm a 27 year old living in the Suburbs of Brisbane, and working in the CBD.  I love coordinating what I wear, eyeing off the other very smartly dressed young ladies in the city for ideas, and doing it all at bargain prices.  Because lets face it, if I had the money to buy labels at face value, I probably wouldn't need to go to work!

A recent awesome buy?  That's easy.  Leona Edmiston black suede ankle boots.  Retail price $795.  My price?  $117.  I LOVE these babies!

My blog roll has started, with baby steps.  Cupcakes and Cashmere is where it all began, and I found the others from link to link to link.

Keep watching, photos and fun to come soon!