Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday favourites

Number one: Dressing up my work area for Halloween.  Us Aussies have never really gotten into this one, but this year has been much more full on, and as a long time fan of Disney's Ichabod Crane, I gotta admit I love it!
 Number two: My new fringe, of course!
Number three: Impromptu shopping trips with the girls, even when I've made a point of trying not too!
Number four: Unassuming accessories.  I picked these tiny star studs up with my Dad Christmas shopping for my Mum last year.  There so easy to wear and I've worn them a couple of times this week.  I do need to remember not to sleep in them as they can be a little poky!!
Number five: Girls who manage to take photos for their blogs using a self timer and a tripod (or in my case, precariously perching their camera in random places).  Much in awe, because my photos look extremely amateur hour, and theirs are so polished!

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