Saturday, February 26, 2011


Last Saturday was the lovely Kitty Kat's hens weekend.  It meant a full day of girlyness, then some night time fun up the coast at Mooloolaba (one of my very favourite places!).  
Piper dress, Myer
On Saturday, I had the distinct pleasure of car pooling with the hen herself, and being summer in Queensland, it was blue skies as far as the eye can see, and insanely hot and humid.  For our drive, the esplanade and lunch I bought this lovely dress especially.  
It's bright, beautiful and very light cotton.  Didn't stop me feeling so hot I didn't know what to do with myself, but it did help.
We had a lot of fun on the hens, and I will share what I wore for the night time festivities on another post, but for the most part....what happened on tour....stays on tour!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Home free

Well, yesterday I spent the WHOLE DAY in my pajamas.  (Except for throwing on an over-shirt to check the letter box).  It was glorious.  Well, it would have been, except for the being sick thing.  Silly head cold in my way!  Strangely though, its only when I'm sick that I feel justified to do absolutely nothing.  And its a sneaky pleasure.
Denim skirt $12 Big W, Shirt Target, Singlet $10 Sussan
Today, while still not well enough to go into the office, I am well enough to put real clothes on.  And again, wearing casual clothes on a Wednesday when if I wasn't sick I'd be at work feels very naughty.  So I went with the absolutely most casual thing I could find.  My big fat book and I intend to make the most of today, congestion or no congestion!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

V Day

Dress, City Chic, T-shirt, Kmart
Well, unless you've been in a cave on the moon with your fingers in your ears and your eyes closed, you'd be aware that Valentines Day was this week.  Monday in fact.  Mr Man and I felt we were comfortable enough in our relationship not to worry about it this time.  And we didn't.  Except for Mr Man jumping out from behind a door to frighten me with a yelled 'Happy Valentines Day Honey' when I came home from the gym in the morning.
You can think we're sad for not celebrating if you want to.  I don't care.  Instead of being stranded with heaps of other people all hitting restaurants at the same time, we had dinner out Tuesday night (which for us means ordering gourmet pizzas and coming home to the couch), and didn't have to queue or wait or pretend to be lovesick teenagers.  We could undo the top button of our pants and it was cool.
But today, was different, and I wore this dress.  
Due to dress code restrictions at the workplace, I had to put a black tee under it.  No spaghetti straps allowed in the finance world!

Monday, February 14, 2011


A long time ago, Mr Man discovered my love for Michael Buble.  And promptly renamed him 'Bubble'.  Mr Man is not a fan.  Probably something to do with the crooning, and his tiny stature...and maybe my adoration...
Being a fan however, you can bet that I was at the Michael Buble (or Bubble) concert on Saturday night with some girlfriends.
And yes, I did get the shirt!
Did he sing?  Oh yes.  Was it awesome?  Damn straight.  Could I have been any further away from the stage?  Maybe four rows behind me before seating ran out.  Thank god for binoculars and big screens.  Loved the end, when he ditched his mic and sang without assistance.  OK so I had strain to hear being at the back, but it was still magic.  And even if I have to sit at the back, you can guarantee I'll go next time he's hear too!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Seeing spots

I love this little dress, mostly because of the limitless number of things I can do with it trans-seasonally.  Like today, its very hot and I needed something simple as I took my second ever gym class at lunch.  Cream singlet, jewelery that I can shower in, and a cute red belt and basic heels has done the trick.

Basque Dress, Sussan Grae belt,

Next time it could be a black singlet underneath, or a cardigan over it all with a wide waisted belt, a red singlet, or a statement necklace, bright heels or opaque tights in any color of the rainbow!

Its one of those fantastic remix basics that I can always fall back on!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Breaking the ban

So, as I mentioned on Friday, I'm in the middle of a shopping ban, which I broke, to buy this little dress.
Basque dress, Myer $27
I needed a pick me up (and yes, I do realize shopping is not the best thing for this), and decided there was no harm in looking, which became no harm in trying on, and it wasn't long before I had three little dresses from the 75% off all ready reduced prices rack over my arm and into the change rooms.
 The first dress, I had picked up in a size too small, because they didn't have my size and sometimes with that brand the smaller size is great.  I skinnied into it (it was a black and blue maxi with a big v-neckline) and couldn't zip it up over my bust.  Sigh.  It was discarded. 
Then this one, which is from the petites range but still my size.  I was in love with the ruffled neckline.  And happy with the fit.  Hmmm...against the ban.
The next dress was a little pink work number, but I didn't really like it, so that left me thinking.....maybe...if I put the maxi dress on with the zip done up, I can squidge one boob in at a has been known to work...right??

And that's were things went horribly wrong!  I got stuck, unable to reach the zip and free myself, unable to pop my boobs in where they were meant to be.  ARGH!  Thankfully, I stayed calm, edged away at the zip, and didn't need to beg some stranger for help.  But it taught me a valuable lesson.  If you have bigger boobs, sometimes, it just ain't gonna happen!

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Ban

On the 18th of January I decided to instigate a Ban.  A Shopping Ban to be specific.  I was shopping pretty much every day and it was getting overwhelming.

This kind of explains the lack of posts.  Shopping ban has not made me a happy girl.  I love shopping! And its left me deploring my wardrobe, and scrabbling with remixes.

But as a result of not shopping, I have had money for EXPERIENCES.  Lunches and dinners with the girls, movies, and drinks and dinner parties, pre-paying for the lovely Kitty Kat's Hens whilst I'm not saving, I have been having a great time.  Guilt free.

I still have until the 17th of February till I can shop again, and I have been starting a list.  Things I want, things I need, things that are just cool.

Have I broken the ban?  Well, kinda.  I ran out of powder, so yes I replaced it.  And today I picked up a black dress, reduced from $169 to $27.  But for me, two purchases in over two weeks.....that's pretty amazing!