Monday, February 14, 2011


A long time ago, Mr Man discovered my love for Michael Buble.  And promptly renamed him 'Bubble'.  Mr Man is not a fan.  Probably something to do with the crooning, and his tiny stature...and maybe my adoration...
Being a fan however, you can bet that I was at the Michael Buble (or Bubble) concert on Saturday night with some girlfriends.
And yes, I did get the shirt!
Did he sing?  Oh yes.  Was it awesome?  Damn straight.  Could I have been any further away from the stage?  Maybe four rows behind me before seating ran out.  Thank god for binoculars and big screens.  Loved the end, when he ditched his mic and sang without assistance.  OK so I had strain to hear being at the back, but it was still magic.  And even if I have to sit at the back, you can guarantee I'll go next time he's hear too!!


  1. Awesome, love Micheal B(what a voice:)!

  2. I love your blog! You really seem to know what you're doing. I just started my own and would love for you to check it out. Any advice would be much appreciated!