Monday, February 7, 2011

Breaking the ban

So, as I mentioned on Friday, I'm in the middle of a shopping ban, which I broke, to buy this little dress.
Basque dress, Myer $27
I needed a pick me up (and yes, I do realize shopping is not the best thing for this), and decided there was no harm in looking, which became no harm in trying on, and it wasn't long before I had three little dresses from the 75% off all ready reduced prices rack over my arm and into the change rooms.
 The first dress, I had picked up in a size too small, because they didn't have my size and sometimes with that brand the smaller size is great.  I skinnied into it (it was a black and blue maxi with a big v-neckline) and couldn't zip it up over my bust.  Sigh.  It was discarded. 
Then this one, which is from the petites range but still my size.  I was in love with the ruffled neckline.  And happy with the fit.  Hmmm...against the ban.
The next dress was a little pink work number, but I didn't really like it, so that left me thinking.....maybe...if I put the maxi dress on with the zip done up, I can squidge one boob in at a has been known to work...right??

And that's were things went horribly wrong!  I got stuck, unable to reach the zip and free myself, unable to pop my boobs in where they were meant to be.  ARGH!  Thankfully, I stayed calm, edged away at the zip, and didn't need to beg some stranger for help.  But it taught me a valuable lesson.  If you have bigger boobs, sometimes, it just ain't gonna happen!

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  1. Wow! you've got specsappeal, chick(looking good:)!