Friday, February 4, 2011

The Ban

On the 18th of January I decided to instigate a Ban.  A Shopping Ban to be specific.  I was shopping pretty much every day and it was getting overwhelming.

This kind of explains the lack of posts.  Shopping ban has not made me a happy girl.  I love shopping! And its left me deploring my wardrobe, and scrabbling with remixes.

But as a result of not shopping, I have had money for EXPERIENCES.  Lunches and dinners with the girls, movies, and drinks and dinner parties, pre-paying for the lovely Kitty Kat's Hens whilst I'm not saving, I have been having a great time.  Guilt free.

I still have until the 17th of February till I can shop again, and I have been starting a list.  Things I want, things I need, things that are just cool.

Have I broken the ban?  Well, kinda.  I ran out of powder, so yes I replaced it.  And today I picked up a black dress, reduced from $169 to $27.  But for me, two purchases in over two weeks.....that's pretty amazing!

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