Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Home free

Well, yesterday I spent the WHOLE DAY in my pajamas.  (Except for throwing on an over-shirt to check the letter box).  It was glorious.  Well, it would have been, except for the being sick thing.  Silly head cold in my way!  Strangely though, its only when I'm sick that I feel justified to do absolutely nothing.  And its a sneaky pleasure.
Denim skirt $12 Big W, Shirt Target, Singlet $10 Sussan
Today, while still not well enough to go into the office, I am well enough to put real clothes on.  And again, wearing casual clothes on a Wednesday when if I wasn't sick I'd be at work feels very naughty.  So I went with the absolutely most casual thing I could find.  My big fat book and I intend to make the most of today, congestion or no congestion!

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