Tuesday, October 26, 2010


In an attempt to minimise the amount of random stuff I carry around all day, I've downgraded to a clutch today.  It also means the majority of my store loyalty cards are missing to help minimise the chance of an impromtu shopping trip!
Equip clutch
This one I bought to use as a bridesmaid at my twin sisters wedding and I love it.  I even threw on the same pair of shoes (gold, leather, wittner heels) as a nod to the awesomeness of that day.
Equip clutch, Witchery tee,
Target skirt, Wittner shoes, Diva cuff
And after a firedrill in my building at work, and walking down 19 flights of stairs, I decided this tasty tasty bagel treat was well and truly earned.  Thanks K for a lovely lunch treat!


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  2. that is such a cute clutch! and that sandwich looks delish!
    feel free to Follow Me xoxo