Tuesday, October 26, 2010

On the road again

Sis and I spent the weekend roadtripping up the coast to our folks place for some R&R.   Feet on the dashboard, tunes on the stereo, no hubbys, partners, commitments or schedules and it was great.  Mum booked me in to her hairdresser and I finally got the fringe I was looking for the weekend before, but my selfsatisfying hairdresser never gave me.  I love mums hairdresser, and from now on, will be roadtripping each time it needs tidying up.  Who would have thought hairdressers are better in small towns than the big smoke?  But there you have it, its true!

The weekend did of course culminate in a last minute shopping trip (my last for a few weeks, my purse can't take anymore!) which meant a few new pieces for the wardrobe, and a new work wardrobe for my sis.  Loving the collar on this blouse, very girlie for work.

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