Thursday, March 3, 2011


10 years ago yesterday I went out with some friends.  My eyes met the blue eyes of a tall young man across the dance floor.  We danced, he bought me a drink, he asked for my number and then he disappeared into the night.
Dress, Basque Myer
Shirt, Target
Necklace, Diva

Yesterday that tall young man and I celebrated the 10 years we've spent being a part of each others lives.
Mr Man was waiting at home with a Ferrer Rocher bouquet, and whisked me away to a surprise location.  On our first anniversary he took me to The Summit Restaurant on Mount Cootha.  We hadn't been back since.  And it was there that he took me last night.
We talked of old times, we shared a bottle of wine, and a beautiful three course meal.
Its not our usual 'date night' by a long shot.  We're more gourmet pizza and a DVD types.  But something about the setting, sitting and chatting, and being so grown up was just perfect.  We might not do that again for another 10 years but it was magic.


  1. so sweet and you look lovely. i wanna be like this 10 years into my marriage

  2. That's a lovely story! Glad you had a magical time!!! And I love your dress! (Hello- forgive a random visitor, I just popped over from Lakota's blog (I think), lured by the prospect of both vintage and tea!!!!)