Thursday, November 4, 2010

First ever remix!

Yesterday I got up early, put on a preplanned outfit (OMG!  such organization!) and went to work early feeling like I'd really gotten it right in preparation for an important meeting this afternoon.  It was a great turnaround on yesterday where I tried out three different outfits and still got it wrong!

Cardigan and dress Target, shoes DKNYC
 Unfortunately, the meeting was rescheduled to Friday which means 1) I have to pre-plan another outfit I love as much and 2) I have to wait for the meeting.  I'm impatient....I don't wanna wait!
This is however my first remix!  But I have to admit, I love this cardigan, it just feels floaty and feminine.  A nice girly tone down on those studs.

1 comment:

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