Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wednesday wishes

Occasionally, like everyone else, I have a week that really doesn't seem to go well, and lots of things just plain old go wrong.  So, today, to cheer myself up, I've resorted to a favourite habit, and looked at photos of days when things have seemed so very very right. 
A couple of weeks ago now Mr Man and I took an extra day off for a three day weekend, and went camping on the beach.  Not stylish at all, but it was a glorious three days of water, sand and sun (OK and a little rain, but mostly sun).  One morning we even woke up to a whale breaching in the water straight out from our campsite.  Magic.
The last day we decided spontaneously to climb up to the lighthouse.  I chose to ignore the advice for drinking water and sensible shoes, and as you can see, I was still wet from a spontaneous swim we took with no towels in the truck.
It was the first time I'd been up to the lighthouse, and it was a much smaller than I'd imagined.  Certainly no reclusive lighthouse men live here!
The view of course is magnificent.  If there's one thing that Queensland does well, its long, long stretches of beautiful beach!
Well, hopefully, if like me your having a bad week, thinking of fun times will help get you through.  I certainly feel much much better now!

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