Thursday, November 11, 2010


It's Remembrance Day today...and yes, in my travels I did purchase a badge, although not a traditional poppy.  I picked up a slouchy hat badge instead.  Its the hat Australian Army soldiers wear when their not wearing a helmet.  (And when helmets were finally issued during the course of time, a lot of soldiers kept wearing the hat instead of the 'safer' helmet.  I love Aussies!)
Its a little apologies.  We did stop for our minutes silence, and lucky location as from the office we can look over Anzac Square and watch the service.
Blouse, Target
Pants, Basque
Shoes, DKNY
Afterwards though...I met the girls for shoe shopping and lunch at Vapianos.  The food, company and conversation was fantastic, but I'm not a fan of how your order there.
Bag, Coach
Sunnies, Prescription RayBans
If I go out as a group, I want to spend more time as a group, and less time split up into queues.
Proving that I'm very good at....
...messing around and not taking....
...sensible photographs!
Still, we had great fun, and it made the rest of the afternoon fly by.  Squeeze in a quick gym session, a couple of glasses of wine and my chicken parma for dinner, and by all counts, its not a bad day.
One of my three prized Coach bags.  We don't have a stockist in Brisbane...

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