Thursday, November 11, 2010

Borrowed gold

On Tuesday I borrowed a dress from my sister.  It’s something that I’m considering wearing to my work Christmas party, but there is a problem about finding a bra that will work underneath it.  I think sometimes designers make beautiful dresses with unworkable backs just to be mean…..

Anyway, this is the email conversation with my sister that ensued after I raced to her office and grabbed the dress and showed it off to the girls in my office….

Me:  Kitty Kat is straight onto finding backless bras LOL, she and E think the dress is lovely.
Sis: Just remember whose it is.
Me: OH yes, I’ve told everyone its mine.  No I haven’t.  I’ve told everyone its yours and you’ve never worn it.  If I can’t find a bra, or its ridiculously expensive, I shall wear something else.
Sis:  It’s a good plan J I like it J
Me: Me too =) I like it when there’s a well thought out plan.

Secretly there’s a little part of me that thinks she doesn’t want me to wear the dress!  But, again, the underwear thing is proving tiresome….

No outfit post for yesterday I'm afraid....I was way to wiped out and exhausted to look decent (and dry shampoo is not as fabulous as people would have you think!!)

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