Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Blueberry remix

I love this little blue dress, you've seen it once before, and I love it because its so easy to wear.  
Cardigan, Tommy Hilfieger

This time I swapped in a white cami and pearls instead of the black, and initially I wanted to wear this cute Tommy Hilfieger cardigan, but Brisbane is far to muggy and humid for that today so I went without.
Belt, Sussan
I am a little excited though, as The Westfield Insider (a facebook page) is sending me a $50 gift voucher for commenting on their site...so many options....
I am getting a little bit disturbed by my self timed photos....I'm either too busy fidgeting to get a good shot, or too busy thinking 'what on earth?' to not pull a silly face!
Shoes, Mud from Off Broadway Shoes
I even tried to get my shoes in this time...given that I have a huge collection, they don't seem to be getting much air time!
These are terribly sensible work shoes, I'll try for something more sensational next time!

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  1. that little blue dress is adorable and a great staple!