Monday, November 8, 2010


Like most people, I'm not a fan of Mondays, unless I'm on vacation, or its a public holiday....

Cardigan, Target
 This outfit was only attempt two this week.  I must be getting better....
Trousers, Anne Klein
T-shirt, Kmart
Mr Man poo-pooed my first outfit, and I'm glad he point asking for an opinion if you don't want it to be honest.  Mr Man bought me this cardigan (lucky me!) but I still haven't quite worked out how to wear it!
Necklace and earrings, Diva
This was the change out result, and it works.

Bring on Tuesday, or maybe Thursday when its girls lunch day!


  1. boo mondays. i love the striped wrap!

  2. Thanks Mr Jeffery! I felt like a very lucky girl when Mr Man bought it for me. Thankfully, Monday is now over, and we can start making the most of a remix Tuesday!