Friday, December 24, 2010

Friday favourites

Its a Christmas Eve Friday favourites!  Hooray!  Now given this is a week with both Birthday celebrations and Christmas preparation, I have more than five favourites.  But I'll just pick five for today.
Number one: This beautiful solid gold bangle from Mr Man for my birthday.  I haven't taken it off yet from the moment he gave it to me.
Number two: My GHD, a birthday gift from my sister.  (Second hand though, who can afford the real ones??)
Number three: This cute birthday badge, that Mr Man snuck in with my card.  I did indeed wear it all day long.

Number four: My new little friend.  This was an unexpected gift from my beautiful friend Kitty Kat.  We both adored it in the shop, so I was elated when he made his way to me.

Number five: My Christmas tree with all its presents underneath, waiting with baited breath to be opened!

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful bangle and I love the owl necklace as well!