Thursday, January 6, 2011

Welcome back...

..and welcome to 2011.  I've been pretty quiet the past two weeks (OK, completely quiet), but that's because I took a break.  From work, from blogs, from everything and escaped to my parents with Mr Man up the coast.  And due to torrential flooding in Queensland, we got stuck there.  No damage, just no way home for a few days.  Then we came back.  Had a great time at a rooftop NYE party (wearing my first work Christmas party outfit) and came back to work on Tuesday after 10 glorious days off.
And I learnt....this stuff is great.
KMS Flat out anti-humidity spray $28.95 from hairdressers
I used it NYE, and with our stormy, rainy, dodgy weather it kept my hair free of static, fly aways and smelt really really nice.  (Yes, people smelt my hair and commented.  Weird but true). 
I have 'so far' avoided any major shopping despite the sales.  Except for this little guy:
Owl ring $5 on sale at Lovisa
This fantastic bangle which my sister immediately went and bought when she saw it (it says LOVE on the opposite side),
Promise bangle $5 on sale at Lovisa
and this pair of shoes.  Which I only bought because my cobbler is unavailable until Monday and I need black heels for tomorrow.
Black denim heels, $10 London Rebel
Here's to another year, another list of resolutions (some of which I'll keep, some of which I'll break) and another chapter in blogdom!


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  2. Oooh I'm totally going to try out that KMS spray! Frizz and my hair are like BFF's at the moment lol