Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hawaii 5-0

Last night Mr Man and I went to a party.  Yep.  Together.  And it was dress up.  AND HE DRESSED UP.  I'm stunned and amazed.  4 years ago I had a pirate party for my birthday, he didn't dress up.  2 years ago we went to a T themed party.  He went as a 'Tradie' and just didn't get changed when he came home from work.  I didn't think that counted. 
This party was Hawaii themed, so I picked up a Hawaiian printed shirt for him and some lei's and away we went.  Only downside was the torrential rain we'd had all day, which turned the party into an ankle deep mud bath.
Once upon a time I would have laughed and just gotten on with it.  But I guess now I'm a total princess.  It was uncomfortable, wet, and too many kids screaming around the place.  I guess our friends all got middle-aged, and suburbanite without us.  Not that we're crazy party folk, but at no point did I feel we could sit back, relax and really enjoy ourselves.
Upsides of the party?  The amazing whole pig on a spit, the fantastically good pumpkin curry (vegetarian option), and catching up with some friends we hadn't seen for a long time.
Maybe next time we catch up we'll got to a restaurant though....less mud that way!

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  1. I'm vegetarian and that curry sounds to die for. Yummmmmy!