Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday favourites

What a week!  Its been hectic to say the least between work, and trying to finalise Christmas shopping now that Mr Man has decided we're buying for everyone, not just their kids.
Favourites for another Friday are, in no particular order....
Number one: This fancy smancy snow man that Mr Man bought for me.  Its the only Christmas decoration I have up at home, and its pretty darn cute!
This is him in red....

Fading out of blue....

And finally green!
Number two: Picking up a dress from Target, marked down from $59 to $7.47.  Bargain?  YEAH!
Number three: Getting an email advising we can be in casual dress all week next week at work.  Tricky?  Yes, but given its my birthday next week, I'm very happy with that!
Number four: Spending an entire afternoon standing on my desk stringing up Christmas decorations.  I may not have decorated at home, but I've gone silly at work.
Number five: Normal Brisbane weather, humid all day, and a ripping good electrical storm in the afternoon.

Now I have a couple of outfit posts backed up, I'll try to get them out this weekend!  Happy Friday!

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