Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Yesterday was my birthday.  Well, mine and my twin sisters.  And even though I'm now 28 I still get excited about it, and demand cards and presents and most importantly cake.  Mr Man knows that cake is non negotiable on this day.  Being a Tuesday we still all went to work, but there were presents from Mr Man in the morning, coffee out with work, a big lunch with my sister, dinner out with Mr Man, cake with his family and finally a trip round the biggest Christmas light display I've seen.

Unfortunately the Christmas light display was a last minute unknown, so my 5 inch sunshine yellow espadrille wedges were a bad idea.  (Love them, super exciting gift from my mum care of the Victoria Secret website!)  Fell off them repeatedly on the uneven ground, and looked like one of those silly girls that wear unsuitable shoes.  Which I suppose I was, but not deliberately!!

So apart from sporting a really sore foot today, my birthday was a triumph success of overeating and celebrating!

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