Monday, January 24, 2011

Dinner party

Saturday night Mr Man and I went to a dinner party.  It felt terribly grown up, and yet because our hosts are so amazing, we had a wonderful time too.  Perhaps too wonderful, the hangover hasn't been fun.
I know my friends, so I wanted to look casual, but nice, and plucked this little sale dress out of my wardrobe.
Dress $17 Target
It was the little things that made it such a wonderful night, never having an empty glass, a beautiful three course meal, jugs of ice water, and having stayed the night, waking up to find towels had magically appeared for us in the morning.
Shoes $49 Betts
I'd love to reciprocate and have our friends over, but while I love to cook for people, I get too frazzled to keep the experience going all night!  P and S are definitely the greatest hosts ever!