Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sunday session

Sunday night, we went to the pub for a few 'quiet' drinks with some friends and a fabulous steak.  I wore another Jacqui E find, bought on the same shopping trip as last time, and felt pretty cute.  (It was actually Mr Man's pick for me to wear).
Only trouble we had, was a few quiet drinks turned into Cooks nursing a hangover at her first day back at work.  But it was all in good fun, and I think I handled it stoically thanks to berocca and a big bread roll sandwich for lunch.

Next time?  Less beer, more water.


  1. I have to say Mr Man's has impeccable taste(the dress is cute, fun, on-trend, and demure ie ticks all the right boxes:)in female fashion(fortunetly for you:)!

  2. Thanks Cosmic! Yes, on this occassion he did get it very right. His dislike of my white and gold gladiator sandals has him on the naughty list though!